Together with my love Koen Verpaalen we got asked to create 'our story of Africa' for restaurant Pllek Amsterdam. This resulted in the exhibition 'Angola Cuia Bue', meaning 'Angola is Really Cool'. We've also made a little zine about our life in Angola. All of the artworks & the zine are still for sale. You can contact me for more information.


Expo Pllek, Collages, Photos, Mixed-media.



a land in sub-saharan Africa.


a country of contrasts:

big new buildings in Luanda

candongueiros moving around,

street salesman in the traffic jam

and ladies carrying the world on their heads


wth endlessly undiscovered nature

from miles of beaches ,tropical rainforests

to deserts and highlands

where clay huts in villages stand strong


Angola is always different

coloured and shaped by its people

who have swag and stle

are proud



like a teengaer, exploring

leaving years of war and struggles

the population - still very young

but with a positive spirit and aim to move forward


they are leapfrogging, inventing


they are real

down too earth



where you will reaceive

the most honet and biggest smiles.